Fuqing Liu

Deputy President and Secretary-General

Fuqing Liu belongs to the Han nationality and is a member of the Chinese Communist. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C. From Sept. 1990 to June 1996, she served as the Deputy Head of the Auditing Bureau at the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA) dispatched by National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China. From July 1996 to July 2001, she served as the Head of Discipline Inspection Group(Supervisory Bureau)of MOCA dispatched by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the CPC. From Aug. 2001 to Aug. 2007, she served as the Deputy Director of the Planning and Finance Department of MOCA. From Sept. 2007 to June 2013, she served as the Inspector of the Planning and Finance Department of MOCA. Fuqing retired from MOCA in 2013 and served as Deputy Director-General of the China Social Welfare Foundation; From Aug. 2017, she has served as the Deputy President and Secretary-General of the China Charity Alliance.




Jianmei Peng


Jianmei Peng holds a Master’s Degree of Philosophy from Renmin University of China. She is the Secretary-General of China Charity Alliance. Jianmei worked as a university teacher for four years, served in media for 15 years and has engaged in NGO operation and management for ten years. She always requires herself to be a good person and trying hard to meet the requirements.




Youping Liu

Deputy Secretary-General

Youping Liu is from Ningxiang, Hunan Province. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from University of Xiangtan in 1985, and graduated with a Master’s Degree from University of Wuhan in 1987 majoring in Chinese with concentration of Classic Literature. He was an Associate Research of Hunan Academy of Social Sciences in his early years and engaged in the study of history and culture. He wrote more than ten book including China Surname encyclopedia-Surname of Wu (Sanhuan Press), the History of Surname Zhu (Jiangxi People’s Press) and China Surname encyclopedia-Surname of Liu(The Eastern Publishing Co. Ltd). From 001, Youping embarked on media and served as Standing Deputy Editor-in-Chief in China Electronic Publishing and Deputy Editing Director in Shopping Guidance Weekly. In 2003, he joined China Philanthropy Times as Chief Editor and participate in the establishment of "China Charity Ranking" and other important branding events of philanthropy. He joined China Charity Donation Information Center in 2007 as Board member and Deputy Director with the concentration on the theory and practice research of China Philanthropy. Youping has independent views on the theory, policy research, system construction and industry development of China's philanthropy and non-profit fields. He pioneered and presided over the writing and launching of a serial of research reports, including China Charity Donation Report, China Philanthropy Transparency Report, China City Philanthropy Index Report, and Research Report of American NGOs in China, which filled the gap of philanthropy industry in China. In 2013 Youping participated establishing China Charity Alliance as a founding member. He currently serves as a Board member and full-time Deputy Secretary-General of is responsible for the work of strategic development and industry support as well as administration management at CCA.




Dongqing Chen

Assistant to Secretary-General

Dongqing Chen currently assists the Secretary-General in the management of Administration Department, Development Department and Training Department. He worked in the book publishing organization for years with the engagement in project management, financial management and so on. He joined CCA in 2013 and served as Deputy Director of Administration Department and other positions.




Xiaoqing Zhang

Assistant to Secretary-General

Xiaoqing Zhang currently assists the Secretary-General in the management of the Office, Research Department and Communication Department. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at Renmin University of China and Master’s Degree in Economics at Capital University of Economics and Business. He participated the establishment of CCA and has played a leading role in writing the research projects, policy recommendations and various official documents. The research projects he wrote include China Charity Donation Report, China City Philanthropy Development Report, and Guide of China City Philanthropy Development and so on. Xiaoqing worked as the head of various large-scale activities of the organization for many times and served as Deputy Director of strategic department and other positions.




Li Lin

Deputy Director of Administration Department

Li Lin has engaged in the work of accounting at charitable organizations for over seven years. She knows and applies the Accounting System for Civil Non-profit Organizations as well as other NGO regulations quite well. Li has successfully applied for tax-free qualification for three NGOs and pre-tax deduction qualification of charitable donation for one NGO. She served as financial manager.




Qianli Liu

Director of Research Department

Qianli Liu is responsible for maintaining relations with governments and other industry associations, constructing the system of department function and organizational management. She is also devoted to promoting the dialogue and cooperation among governments, corporate and charitable organizations. Qianli graduated from Renmin University of China. She served as Assistant Director of Development Department and Director of Membership Department in CCA as well as supervisor and Director of Development Department in China Charity Donation Information Center. Prior to the charity sector, she worked in Guangzhou daily, The Beijing News and other media for news gathering and editing.




Jiaxing Zhou

Deputy Director of the Office

Jiaxing Zhou holds a Bachelor‘s Degree in Diplomacy from China Foreign Affairs University and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Peking University. He engaged in the work of foreign affairs and international cooperation in China Communication and Transportation Association that is supervised by the National Development and Reform Commission and headquarter of Beijing Tourism Group. Jiaxing joined International Department of China Charity Alliance in May 2016, and transferred to the Office as Deputy Director in Sept. 2017.




Wenxiao Zhang

Director of Membership Department I

Wenxiao Zhang earned a Ph. D. in Wine supply China management from Ecricome based in KEDGE Business School. She is a medal winner of theJuradeof Saint-Emilion and served as the Vice President of Chinese ResearchersandStudents’UnioninFrance. Wenxiao also worked as the General Manager of Honey S.a.r. l Co., Ltd China, the Vice President of Ningxia Chenggong Group, and the Vice Secretary-General of InternationalFederationof Vine and Wine ofHelanMountain's East Piedmont inNingxia. She joined China Charity Alliance in Aug. 2015 and served as Project Manager of Membership Department, Deputy Director of International Department, and Assistant Director of Development Department. She is currently responsible for the construction and development of Membership Department as well as the cooperation between the Board members, and providing policy and business consultation for leaders above the Board.




Yucheng Peng

Deputy Director of Membership Department I

Yucheng Peng has participated in the implementation of large-scale events like China Charity Award for year. She has seven years of financial work experience in NGO, and maintained good communication with enterprises and charitable organizations. Yucheng served as Senior Manager of Corporate Cooperation.




Yujie Wu

Deputy Director of Membership Department II

Yujie graduated from Yanshan University in Biology in 2005. She is a qualified social worker and has years of experience in branding and creativity industries. She joined China Charity Donation Information Center in 2012 and responsible for government development and resources development. In 2016, Yujie joined China Charity Alliance for developing resources, and she is currently the Deputy Director of Membership Department II and the development, service and management of members.




Xue Han

Director of Training Department

Xue Han received her Bachelor’s Degree from Liaoning University in Chinese Language in 2002. After graduation, she worked as Journalist and Editor in Finance Times, Hong Kong Economic Times, Wuhan Morning Post and Liaoning Economic Times. She joined China Charity Donation Information Center in 2009 and served as Director of Information Department and Director of Training Department. Xue led and coordinated the implementation of large-scale events such as 2009 China Charity Award, 2009 China Charity Donation Report, the Annual Conference of Philanthropy China. She planned and executed a number of large-scale training programs including the China Charity Talent Training in cooperation with Amway Charity Foundation, Lao Niu Academy with the cooperation with Lao Niu Foundation, China Charity Innovative Talents Training in partnership with Hong Kong Jockey Club, Non-profit Organizations Excellent Leadership Courses of Dr. John Maxwell in collaboration with Via Foundation, and Interpretation of Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Prmoting the Health Development of Charity Industry. Xue joined CCA in 2016 as Director of Training Department. In addition to carrying out the training programs originally transferred from China Charity Donation Information Center, she also successfully organized the series training of China Charity Law, 2017 International Philanthropic Fundraising Camp, and 2017 Taiwan Visiting Program of Charities’ Service Mode, etc.




Nan Zhao

Deputy Director of Training Department

Nan Zhao holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology and Master’s Degree from Griffith University in Australia with concentration of accounting. She stepped into charity industry in 2011 and worked for He Fund of China Social Welfare Foundation where she was responsible for the work of Quality Education on Children in rural regions. She joined China Charity Information Center in 2013 and finished a number of research projects including China City Philanthropy Report (2012-2013), Zhongwei Philanthropy Resources Evaluation Report (2014) and Linzhou Philanthropy Development Evaluation Report (2015); In addition, she assisted finishing the projects of China Charity Leaders Training Plan and Lao Niu Academy. Nan joined Training Department of CCA in 2016 and has designed and implemented a number of training programs.




Jie Wei

Deputy Director of Development Department

Jie Wei served in China Philanthropy Research Institute at Beijing Normal University and China Charity Donation Information Center. She participated or presided over a number of research projects including A Report On The Participation Of Charitable Organizations In Medical Aid For Needy Children in China, 2014 China Welfare Policy in China, Using Social Forces to develop the Education for the Elderly, and 2014 China Charity Donation Report. In addition, she plays an important role in the activities of Annual Conference of Philanthropy China, China Charity Culture Forum and Joint Action of Poverty Alleviation in Luoxiao Mountain District.




Sai Wang

Deputy Director of Development

Sai Wang graduated from Shaanxi Normal University majoring in Marketing. He has engaged in the planning and implementation of large-scale projects and public relations events for over ten years. Sai Wang joined CCA in 2013 as Project Manager of Department of Information Platform Cooperation and Department of Development, and played an important role in the promotion and cooperation of China Charity Information Center, China Charity Forum, and Annual Conference of Philanthropy China, the 9th China Charity Award. He is currently Deputy Director of Department of Development and is responsible for projects implementation.




Tianhao Ma

Director of Research Department

Tianhao Ma earned dual Master’s Degree from Université de Poitiers and Groupe Sup De Co in Sustainable Development. He joined China Charity Donation Information Center as researcher and Director of Donation Service Department. He participated in the writing of 2013 China Charity Donation Report, Operational Guidance of Governments Purchasing Service from Social Organizations, Shaoxing Charity Development Mode Research Report, Chengdu Charity Development Evaluation Report. Tianhao also presided over researching projects including Consulting Service System for Donors, 2014 China Charity Donation Report, Guide of China City Philanthropy Development, and participated the planning and implementation of China Charity Forum, Annual Conference of Philanthropy China, and China Charity Fair, etc.




Kaixi Liu

Deputy Director of Research Department

Kaixi Liu holds a Master’s Degree in history from Minzu University of China, and also received dual Master’s Degree in social development from Università degli Studi di Catania and Eötvös Loránd University with concentration on European Regional Research. From 2013 to 2016, she worked for the Department of Research of China Charity Donation Information Center and presided over a number of research reports including Operational Guidance of Governments Purchasing Service from Social Organizations, and China Philanthropy Transparency Report, etc. Kaixi joined China Charity Alliance and is responsible for the operation, implementation and supervision of research projects.




Juan Kang

Deputy Director of International Department

Juan Kang earned dual Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Sichuan University and Easter New Mexico University in 2010, and received her Master’s Degree in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California in 2012. She joined CCA in 2015 and is responsible for the international communication and cooperation of the organization. Prior to CCA, she worked for Urban Environment Design Magazine to promote international communication of architecture design.




Wei Zeng

Director of Communication Department

Wei Zeng joined CCA in 2013. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Beijing Normal University majoring in Chinese with concentration of Editing and Publication, and earned her Master’s Degree from the Broadcast and Journalism Center of NTU in UK. She served as editor and journalist in China Green Times, and was responsible for the communication work of The Mountain Institute China and TMI and China Charity Donation Center.




Yanbo Sun

Deputy Director of Communication Department

Yanbo Sun graduated from the University of Science & Technology Beijing majoring in Computer Science. He worked as Editor and Journalist in newspapers and magazines including Life Week, Orange Weekly, New Century and The Pet. He volunteered as a teacher in Zhangjiakou Elementary School and engaged in branding and communication work for China Women's Development Foundation and Beijing Loving Animals Foundation. Yanbo joined CCA in 2015.




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