Our mission


China Charity Alliance is a nationwide, united and non-profit social organization, committed to safeguard the interests of the public and the philanthropic sector; committed to promote the establishment of a professional, standardized, transparent and efficient Chinese philanthropic sector which is compatible to the Chinese economic and social development level; committed to promote the establishment of a spiritual home that is compatible to the great rejuvenating mission of the Chinese nations. Our aims are to: Ally the power of the philanthropic sector, communicate with all sectors of the society, and promote self-discipline of the philanthropic sector and its development.


CCA was founded by 52 founding members including 21 individuals such as Wang Jianlin, Niu Gensheng, Huang Rulun, Yang Lan; 31 organizations such as China Charity Federation, China Red Cross Foundation, and Shenhua Charity Foundation. The establishment of CCA was officially announced in the Great Hall of the People on April 19th, 2013.


Current Chairman Group of CCA: President Li Liguo, and Vice Presidents Wang Jianlin, Wang Aiping, Niu Gensheng, Yang Lan, Xu Yongguang, Huang Rulun. The legal representative of CCA is Ms. Wang Aiping.


The permanent legal consultant of CCA is Beijing Jingshi Law Firm.


Service Scope


Advocate Philanthropic Culture


To promote the benevolent Chinese Nation’s traditional virtue of rescuing the desperately poor and helping those who are in difficulty; to advocate equal, mutual supportive, humanitarian and shared modern philanthropic values; to establish a prevailing custom for being happy to be helpful and being delighted to contribute.


Involved in Policy Making


To do intensive research for the hot, difficult and important issues during philanthropy development, in a timely manner to reflect the suggestions and comments of varied philanthropic organizations, to assist the government to formulate and perfecting philanthropic regulations and policies.


Safeguard the Rights and Interests of Our Members


To Strengthen the communication between philanthropic sector and other sectors; to respond to the relevant government department, media and the general public in a timely manner; to reflect the reasonable requests from members; to coordinate among members and promote fair competition.


Promote Trans-Sector Cooperation


To promote the establishment of partnerships amongst philanthropic organizations, enterprises, government, media, academia and other sectors; and to gather social resources for the sustainable development of philanthropic sector.


Evaluate and Award the Charities


To evaluate and award within the philanthropic sector in line with relevant laws; and to organize relevant exhibitions and fairs in accordance with the requirement of sector development.


Organize Professional Trainings


To organize professional trainings for all sectors of society and practitioners in philanthropy; to disseminate philanthropic knowledge and skills; and to train outstanding philanthropic professionals.


Promote International Collaboration


To strengthen exchanges and collaboration between philanthropic organizations in China and those abroad; to introduce advanced technical experience and outstanding services; and to bring philanthropy of China into the world.


Promote Self-Discipline of the Philanthropic Sector


To facilitate the development and implementation of various types of sector standards; to strengthen the construction of social credit system; to promote the openness and transparency of the sector and maintain the social order of the philanthropic sector.


Undertaking Additional Issues Assigned by the Government, Members and Other Organizations



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